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Guest Testimonials

Porch River Side

September 14, 2007
I have fished at some of the top private waters in Colorado over the last 5 years. Boxwood, Longmeadow on the Platte to name a couple and they are not even close to your level. Your fish are larger and stronger then any where else that I have found for the prices and all the services you offer. There is not a better place to fish private waters in Colorado in my experince. Have Fly fished for over 30 years in Colorado you have the best of the private waters I have found and match some of the top fishing locals in the west. Thank You for a great time and good food.
Will be back Wayne Gums

April 4, 2007
Hi! Iíve been meaning to write you guys for a while now to say a huge, heartfelt thanks for hiring such a friendly, knowledgeable and patient, yet fun staff. When the whole family started talking about taking a cruise together for my Dadís 50th birthday party I didnít think sitting around eating all day and spending the nights in cramped teeny tiny rooms at sea sounded like much fun. So the family asked, ďWell, what do you want to do?Ē I did some research & found Harmelís online. Needless to say, I was a little nervous bringing my mom, dad, brother, sister, brother-in-law & husband, to a place none of us had heard of before Ė without any referrals from anybody we knew, but you guys blew our expectations away. From the horseback riding, to rafting, to fishing, to the excellent food & magnificent scenery, my whole family had an amazing time. That includes my younger brother Nate who has cerebral palsy. We werenít sure what he would be able to do but your staff went out of their way to make his time at Harmelís just as enjoyable as ours. It meant the world to him Ė and to us. We have been talking the ears off of anyone who will listen about how wonderful the Harmelís staff is, how fun the activities were, and what a great time we had. I thought I should let you know too! ?
With much gratitude,
Billie B. from Las Vegas, NV ( and vicariously through me: )
Toni, LeeRoy, Nate, Erica, Blair, Mason, and the dogs Kaytee, Panda, & Bear

"Mike and I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful vacation we experienced at Harmel's. So many of your staff made our trip top notch. Everyone from Andy, Mullin, Guy, Casey, Amie, Sandy, Rachel and the list goes on and on. Every morning we were greeted with smiles and genuine interest in our activities for the day. The menu was terrific and the food very well prepared. Thank you also for the great fruit every day. I'm a vegetarian and never left your dining room hungry. From horse-back riding to white water rafting to rock climbing (and we're old) to peaceful walks, and relaxing massages. Not only do we look back at the beauty of the ranch in our vacation pictures, but we remember the beauty of your friendship and the people who helped to make our experience so memorable. Thank you all for everything."
Mike and Cat B.
PorchDear Steve, Brad, Amie, Andy, and all the Harmel's bunch,

"I want to thank you so very much for a most wonderful vacation. My family and I had the best time we have had in a long time. I attribute that to the management as well as the wonderful friendly staff. Everyone there is so friendly and helpful. The entire staff was dedicated to our having a most wonderful time from the minute we first stepped into your lodge and saw Amie's smiling face to the sad minute when we said goodbye to Wrangler Liz as we got in the car to go home. The accommodations, food, horses, fishing, relaxing, entertainment, massages, etc were all wonderful. We loved the horseback rides, cookouts, Sunday evening "story teller", music on the deck, as well as everyone's knowledge of the area which enabled us to find some of those wonderful areas around the ranch that we might have missed. Mary and I want to express a special thanks to all the wranglers that made our daily rides so special. I can't express to you how wonderful and memorable the rides were. A very special thanks to wranglers Bode, Liz, Smuckers, Gaelan, Leslie, and the others whose names have slipped my memory. They were wonderful and are to be complimented for the fine work they do.

A special thanks must also go to your chefs. I gained 6 pounds during the 10 days we were there. I haven't gained that much weight in such a short time ever before...It's understandable when you look at the wonderful food that they prepared as well as the size of the meals. It's nice that you have a lounge on the ranch. It was so relaxing to come back from a 4 hour horseback ride and wander over to the bar for a cold beer. Mary and I would just sit back, relax with our beer and talk about the exciting ride we just had. Then over to the cabin for a shower before a wonderful supper. Harmel's really knows how to pamper it's guests. Thank you again for a most wonderful vacation and we are counting the days until next summer when we can return for 2 weeks."
Stan & Mary G.
"...I've retold our adventures at Harmel's to friends, family, and co-workers. They listened with great interest (and a little envy) to our horseback riding, camping, fishing, and whitewater rafting stories. They loved the idea of being in such comfort while exploring the Rockies. I savor the family memories that were created and look forward to returning soon."
Rosemary P.
"We thank you for all the attention to detail you paid to our wedding last Saturday. You were courteous and helpful at all times. The food for the reception was excellent! Our guests were very happy and loved the setting...Again, thank you!
Trudy & Marty F.
"What an enjoyable stay we had - just way too short! Tho I'm afraid my husband would have gained 25 lbs. on your breakfasts alone had we been there longer. Thanks to all!"†
Judy F.
"Thank you again for your hospitality! It is always a pleasure staying with you guys!"†
Brandi, Chris, & Trystan
"A little note to again express what a wonderful time we had at Harmel's! Greer keeps asking if we are going to the 'Dude Ranch'!...we will be back next year!"†
Denise & Erik H.
"Wow. Where do I start? It has been the best experience of our lives. It gave us a chance to laugh and make fantastic memories...Your entire staff is the most tremendous group of people I ever met...Thank you so much. You guys are truly angels."†
Cheryl A.
"I am just dropping ya'll a note to tell you what a fabulous time we had at Harmel's. Savanna & Kaitlyn had so much fun learning to care for the horses and ride...The rooms were wonderful - the beds incredibly comfortable. I was exhausted every night, but went to bed with a smile on my face!! The food was also very girls are still talking about (their vacation)!!"†
Tish E.
"Wanted to drop a short note and say thank you for your gracious hospitality. I know I speak for all of us 'Red Hook' guys, we had an excellent time. Please let all of your staff know how much we appreciated their service..."†
Jon B. from Red Hook Brewing Company
"Well, we have finally recovered from our fantastic week at Harmel's Ranch. On behalf of the employees of RE/MAX International, Inc. we want to express our appreciation to the entire staff of Harmel's Ranch...Harmel's provided a world-class setting and level of service that let our staff relax, enjoy the recreation and incredible setting of the ranch... The staff of Harmel's was committed to a successful program from day one. Every detail was carried out with a great level of professionalism and enthusiasm. We look forward to working with you again."†
Mike Reagan, Vice President of RE/MAX
"Thank you for making my week stay at Harmel's so memorable. I've waited 73 years for a stay at a dude ranch. It was posh enough for an Eastern "country slicker" and rustic enough to get a taste of the west...Thanks for a great vacation."
Mary B.
"Thank you & your staff for the Hospitality & Professionalism exhibited while we visited your Ranch. All Boomers of VA165 Ordnance experienced a wonderful setting and atmosphere and are planning another visit in the future."
Lee Y. of the VA165 Boomer Ordnance
"...We had a wonderful weekend with you and a memorable family reunion. We were very impressed with the young people who took such good care of us. Many Thanks!"
Ellie L.
"We had a group at your resort last week and I am writing to tell you that in the nearly 40 years, and 35 countries that I have been running tours in, I have never had as many compliments as we did on this tour and specifically your ranch. Our customers on this tour informed us that the staff at the ranch did everything possible to make sure they had a great time. The food was "fantastic" as they put it and the accommodations exceeded their expectations...We will definitely recommend your ranch to anyone that was unbeatable. Thanks again for helping us make this tour a great success."
Marvin R. Stewart President, Stewart Tours, Inc.
"I wanted to extend my thanks again for the several days we spent with you and your staff at your resort. My family and I really enjoyed ourselves and we are planning a return trip next summer..."
Casey M.
"Thank you so much for the very nice visit. We knew how much we missed you. We really didn't realize how much we needed the R&R. As always the fishing, the service, and the food are the best. I really did not know that Brad could make the food better than last year, but he has done it. Great visit. Thanks."
Brent & Paulu H.
"Short note to say what a wonderful time our entire family (24) had at Harmel's Ranch. All your employee's were courteous and friendly. Great people! The Fire Pit Saloon deck was beautiful with the stream and mountains for a background. Rehearsal dinner was marvelous. Hats off to the chef... Yes, we did leave through Harmel's gate saying Gosh that was a Great Time! Thanks"
Jim & Bonnie B.

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